Cheep Cheep

We welcomed 30 Cornish Cross (meat bird) chicks, 6 Americana (green egg layers) chicks, 6 Noir Maran (dark brown egg layers) chicks and 6 French Guinea keets to the farm several weeks ago. As with all the birds in our flock, we picked these babes up as day-old chicks from our local hatchery – Mount Healthy.

There’s nothing so soothing as some fluffy baby chick snuggles. Here you can see one of the Cornish Cross obliging me.

I was excited to try out some water troughs I rescued from the dumpsters at work as our new brooders. Teddy likes to come in with me in the morning to check on the babies. He puts his front paws up on the edge of the trough and looks down in on them. He’s such a curious and loving guy. I brought one of the chicks out to meet him and he just sniffed it with interest. Such a good boy.

Here’s some cheep cheeps for your viewing enjoyment…

This is my favorite time of year on the farm, filled with so much new life. We’ve got baby birds, baby plants, new buds and blooms opening every day.

We also have a new partnership, which we’re super excited about. As our flock begins to grow again, we’ve started doing weekly deliveries to Harvest Market in Milford. They are a fabulous local market offering tons of local products, including many gluten free and dairy free items. I drop off eggs Friday mornings so come over the weekend or early in the week!

What are you most excited for this spring??

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