What We Offer

Chicken & Duck Eggs

Natural, local, free-range eggs.  Our birds spend most of their day foraging.  They also eat an all-natural feed with added probiotics.

  • Chicken Eggs – $5/dozen
  • Duck Eggs – $4.50/half dozen

Thanks you to all who supported us at Jungle Jim’s. Because we have decreased the size of our flock, we will no longer be selling retail but we still have eggs available directly from the farm. Please call or email me to schedule a time to come out.

The following items can be purchased in the gift shop at the Cincinnati Nature Center.

Foraged Jellies

All made in small batches in my kitchen from flowers or fruit foraged here on the farm.

4 oz. jars – $5.00

  • Violet Jelly
  • Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly
  • Dandelion Jelly
  • Lilac Jelly
  • Forsythia Jelly
  • Honeysuckle Jelly
  • Staghorn Sumac Jelly
  • Goldenrod Jelly
  • Wild Grape Jelly

Jewelweed Salve

Use this salve to take away the poison ivy itch!  Jewelweed grows alongside poison ivy and counteracts its oils, which cause the itchy rash.  This salve has nourishing Vitamin-E and Tea Tree essential oil to help sooth irritated skin. 2-ounce tin – $8.00

Mullein Tea with Mint

Mullein is a wild plant which has long been used by herbalists to soothe respiratory distress.  It calms irritated membranes in the throat, while also acting as a natural expectorant to loosen phlegm.  Mint adds flavor.  5 pre-filled tea bags in a metal tin – $8.00