A Perry Update

My fermented pear cider stopped bubbling and cleared up so I racked it into a clean bucket to get the sediment out of the bottom.  All that means is I siphoned it over, leaving the sediment in the original container.

The recipe I used originally said you could make your cider fizzy if you added a bit of sugar water just before bottling.  So I mixed two heaping tablespoons of sugar with just enough warm water to dissolve it, about a 1/4 cup.  I stirred, stirred, stirred until it was all dissolved.

Then in it went with the cider.

Once it was all mixed up, I set up my siphon again and filled brewers’ bottles one by one.

One carboy filled about seven brewers’ bottles.  I capped them off and labeled them so I’d know which carboy these bottles came from.  Then in they went to the pantry to age some more.  The recipe says to let it age six months.

If you read my earlier post about making this Perry, you’ll remember I started three different batches alike in all regards except the type of yeast used.  I got two of them bottled before I ran out of brewer’s bottles.  I can tell you already that they do taste different.  I was incredulous that the type of yeast really affected the flavor but I’m a believer now.  It was interesting that you could taste the spices a lot more in one than in the other. I wonder if the flavors will change again as it ages?

Have you ever made a fermented cider?  What type of yeast did you like best?

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