Some Christmas Traditions

I spent a joyful evening post-Thanksgiving setting up some of our Christmas decorations.  We have so many decorations since we have inherited them from so many sources, but it’s ok.  I love Christmas – the warm glow of lit garlands strung up around the house, stockings waiting to be stuffed with little treats, sweet treats baking in the oven, carols playing quietly in the background…

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite little Christmas decorations.

My mom and I decorated this tiny little when I was a little girl.  We strung it up with a little strand of shiny garland, hung some tiny ornaments on it, topped it with a golden star and tucked little wrapped presents underneath it.  Year after year, I have put this little tree out.  It’s a little worn and has lost some ornaments through the years, but it makes me so happy whenever I catch sight of it on the table.

This mistletoe came, I believe, from my grandma.  It features Santa and Mrs. Clause smooching with Rudolph hanging below.  His little red nose is losing it’s color but we know it’s him.  It has a happy, soft jingle that reminds you when you walk under it to stop and kiss your sweetie.

My mom brought this handmade Nativity scene back from Mexico for me.  It reminds me of her and of the many trips we made together through the years.  She had a curious mind and nurtured in me a love of seeing new places and meeting new people.  We had some good adventures together.  When we were traveling mom always had to stop and look in the shops.  She loved, loved, loved to shop.  Sometimes I was annoyed because I wanted to be doing other things, but now I am grateful to have the trinkets and momentoes, including this little Mexican Nativity scene.

What’s your favorite family holiday decoration?

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