A window into my day

Here’s a glimpse of my life recently. 

With my husband laid up in his recliner recuperating I’ve got the coffee table covered in projects so I can keep him company without going batty. 

I took a beginning crochet class a few weeks ago and now I’m working on a  blanket to master by beginning skills. I also made a little baby hat for a friend’s coming son.  Crocheting is sorta meditative once you get in a groove. 

I’ve also been reading about whole30 and contemplating trying it out. I’m intrigued by the idea of eliminating a bunch of things from your diet then slowly adding them back in to see how they make you feel. 

Today my focus was on starting my garden planning. I got a great book from the library called Carrots Love Tomatoes that’s all about companion planting for a successful natural garden.  I started making lists of things to group together. I’m excited to see how effective it is against my main enemies: cabbage moth caterpillars and squash bugs. 

I’m also really enjoying a book called The Lean Farm and thinking about how we can make what we do here more efficient.  The author takes the lean method developed by Toyota and applies it to farming. Very interesting. 

Lunch – carrot ginger soup made from last year’s garden, corn muffins and a couple golden kiwis. 

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