The Scene of the Crime

I found the scene of the crime today. Went for a walk along the railroad tracks that run along one side of our property. There were coyote tracks everywhere. The railway is like a wildlife highway around here. 

Sadly, when I got to the back of our coop, I also found clumps of duck feathers. So my thought that the ducks were being chased and that’s how Bossy Pants ended up in the river is confirmed. Looks like the coyotes snatched the ducks down by the pond where they like to hang out and then ran up the hill to the tracks to feast. 

We are going to set up the trail cam in that area to see if we can find a pattern to the coyote traffic. They had to be taken during the day since our birds are locked up tight at night. If we can establish a pattern it’ll be easier to solve the problem. 

Eventually we’ll get the whole area around the pond fenced but not until the ground thaws.  That’ll be a huge project this spring. 

What predators do you struggle with most?

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