About Us

Hi, my name is Erin Phillips.  I am a teacher by trade but have always found joy in making things with my hands.  I come from a long line of gardeners.  My grandmother had a tiny city lot in Cleveland where she utilized every square inch of land to grow something edible: pears, currants, tomatoes, peppers, apples, melons… Some of my fondest memories of visiting her as a child include steaming pies and choosing which cans to take home with us from her cellar.  When my husband and I settled into our new home on 4 acres in Batavia, I decided that I wanted to continue this legacy in my own way, by growing and making food to share this feeling of home with others.

We also have a farming business raising egg-laying chickens and ducks.  At our largest, we had about 300 chickens and nearly 2 dozen ducks.  Our flock is mixed with a variety of breeds which lay multi-colored eggs so when you open one of our egg cartons, it’s like Easter every day!

Finally, we are raising our three boys here on the farm and trying to give them an experience of living close to the land, knowing where your food comes from, and learning useful skills that will serve them in life no matter where they end up.

On this blog, I hope to share with you a mix of the various parts of our busy life here on the farm.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi I have 6 ducks that are about a month and a half old and beginning to become a bit big for the space I am able to provide for them. I have been looking for farms that would be will to adopt these ducks. They are very energetic and we think they are a mix of Pekin and Rouen ducks. I do not want to keep them in cramped space if I am able to find a home where they would be much happier. Please let me know if you have any interest. Thank you


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