Introducing Louis and his Ladies

Goose family enjoying a morning swim

We have official names for the goose family, thanks to our egg customer Jeanne.

Meet, Louis and his ladies: Nicolle, Tilda and Bianca.

Jeanne sent me French inspired names because of the French background of Toulouse geese and even looked up their meanings! That’s dedication.

  • Louis – famous warrior
  • Nicolle – the one who is fighting for the multitude
  • Tilda – the strength or power in battle

I chose Bianca for our white girl because of her beautiful perfect white feathers.

The geese have settled right in, spending most of their days posted by the front of the coop and evenings by or on the pond. They are living up to their names, keeping everyone safe.

Every morning I walk down to greet them. It was a lovely sunrise this morning, making for quite the serene scene down at the pond.

Have a lovely day!

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