First Pickles of the Season

We went to Michigan for a week and came back to a garden beginning to produce and flower beds that had turned suddenly into a jungle.

It is nice to get away, of course, but takes a lot of prep before we leave and produces a long to do list upon return. I felt a little overwhelmed walking around last Sunday evening when we got home. I sat down and began writing out my list, though, so Monday morning I was ready to begin tackling things.

First to do was wash eggs. Now that our flock is smaller, this is more manageable but still takes some time after a week away.

Tuesday I was really productive: mowing, weeding, trimming, tending the garden, pulling garlic, cleaning the fountain, freshening and filling the coop and feeders, watering plants, feeding hummingbirds, and swimming in between each task to stay cool!

So today I finally awoke feeling a bit more relaxed. There is, of course, still more to do, but it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

After checking on the birds, I wandered out to just enjoy the garden a bit and see what was ready to pick. I love the early morning in the garden when dew wets the grass and the air still feels cool and heavy from the night before.

I was delighted to come in with the makings for my first batches of pickles: cucumbers, an onion, garlic, a jalapeño and some dill.

I don’t follow a set recipe for refrigerator pickles. Since they aren’t being canned, there’s no worries about food safety in terms of getting them salty or vinegary enough.

I made two jars: one hot, one not. The hot one got the jalapeño; that’s the only difference. To each jar I added several sliced garlic cloves, half an onion thinly sliced with greens, a few sprigs of fresh dill and several tablespoons of dill seed, two tablespoons of canning salt, and cucumbers cut into a mix of spears and chips.

Then I filled the jar about halfway with water. Finally, I topped them off with a splash of garlic infused white wine vinegar and the rest apple cider vinegar. I covered them and shook until the salt dissolved. Then into the fridge to sit for a few days and they’ll be ready to enjoy!

What’s your favorite pickle recipe?

3 thoughts on “First Pickles of the Season

  1. How do you wash your eggs? I thought they don’t store so well after washing so I don’t wash our eggs. But if it didn’t make a difference, I would certainly wash them. Any difference from your experience?


    • Hi Karen,
      We sell many of ours and legally they have to be washed to sell. I soak them in room temp water for a couple minutes then run each under running water and rub the dirt off with my fingers. I use a scrub daddy to rub off any particularly stuck on bits. I have heard they last almost indefinitely if not washed though and I often leave some unwashed for us, just rinsing them before I use them.


  2. I really enjoy your garden updates. Sounds like you are enjoying all your hard work. Nothing like eating food you planted, watered, weeded, and picked and prepared. Keep up the good work! And please keep writing and sharing.

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