Slow Summer Mornings

This is my favorite summer ritual – slow mornings on the front porch with my breakfast and dog snuggles.

I’ve set up my front porch like an extra room, with a comfy bench, coffee tables, and rugs. Most of my house plants summer on the porch too. It feels homey and welcoming.

Usually Toby wanders off as soon as the door opens. It’s nice to have acres of space for the dogs to roam and run. He follows smells and digs holes, rolls in the grass and lays in the sunshine. It’s a good life.

When he comes back, he is always so excited to see me, like it’s been ages since he set off to explore in the yard. He leaps into my lap and showers me with kisses.

Thankfully today he is pretty clean. Some mornings he comes back with mud up to his armpits.

Then it’s time for a snooze while I finish my coffee.

The old lady just sits stoically next to me, watches the world go by and waits to lick the last drips out of my coffee cup. I guess that’s excitement enough when you’re almost 17.

Do you have a favorite summer ritual or a space in your house that feels calm and relaxing? I’d love to hear about it!

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