Did you eat your weeds today?

I noticed lots of spring edibles on my nightly walk with Soju this evening so I started collecting some items for a salad. I came back with a handful: daylily shoots, dead nettle, hairy bittercress and wild garlic.

I rounded out my collection after dropping Soju off. I found sorrel, dandelion, chickweed and forsythia near the house.

After washing everything up, I prepped my salad. I needed a dressing so I looked at what I had left – a handful of wild garlic. I chopped it up and mixed it with some oil and rice wine vinegar. After tasting it, I decided it needed something else. A search through the fridge produced a bit of leftover pesto. I added that and a dash of balsamic vinegar. That was it!

I dressed the salad and showed it to my husband. He agreed it was pretty but declared with a grin that he wasn’t hungry. With no one else adventurous enough to try it… all for me! Mmmm mmm it was good!

So what about you; did you eat your weeds today?

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