Duck skating

I spent most of the morning yesterday working out in the coop but didn’t see the ducks come up to eat at all, which is unusual.

When I walked down by the pond I found them quacking loudly in the cattails, the one part of the pond that hasn’t frozen solid yet.

When they saw me coming, they ventured out onto the ice for a little duck skating party.

Can’t you just hear them:

“Something is really wrong with this water?!!”

“What is going on? Where do we go? What do we do??!!”

This is the first real dose of winter for this batch of ducks and they seem pretty confused but still show little interest in sleeping in the coop.

Cupcake (the duck who thinks she’s a chicken), however, stays tucked in warm in a nesting box at night. She is the smartest one we own!

If only she could teach those other ducks what they are missing…

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