Another year, another tree

We continued our family tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree at our local Corsi Tree Farm.

Josh began this tradition back when Mcgregor, now 13, and Oliver, 10, were just wee little ones and Baxter wasn’t yet born. He recalled this year that first trip when he had to pull two boys in a sled, carry the chainsaw and drag the tree all by himself. Over the years, the outing has gotten easier and easier.

Baxter carried the saw while we wandered looking for just the right tree.

This time, McGregor cut down the tree all by himself while Josh and B cheered him on (or maybe heckled him a little, if we’re going to have an honest accounting).

Oliver watched and waited to swoop in if McGregor got tired with the saw.

Mcgregor managed to cut the tree so Oliver’s job became helping to haul out the tree. It was super wet and muddy so the guys just carried to tree instead of messing around with a tarp. It’s nice to have some strong young men around!

When we got home and got the tree settled in the family room, Josh and Baxter continued the tradition of setting the angel on the top of the tree together then we worked on ornaments.

Aunt Robyn joined us for our tree trimming too.

The finished tree is magical!

Even Soju likes to lay under it…

We are happy to support a local farm family while continuing this fun family tradition. I appreciate that very little gas was wasted in transporting our tree and we are supporting jobs locally by purchasing from a producer in our own community. Plus, there’s nothing like the smell of a freshly cut pine tree and after the holidays it can be composted!

What’s your favorite family Christmas tradition?

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