Pear Pie

The abundance from the two old pear trees continues to fill my days. Yesterday I processed 18 pounds into 4 batches of lavender pear jam and 12 pounds into a double batch of pear butter. That wasn’t even one basket of pears. I still have 5 more baskets in the big fridge to make my way through!

So I’ve been looking for any recipe I can find with pears in it. I was browsing the Splendid Table Recipe list when I found this gem:

Moraga Pear Pie

Apparently there is a town in California that grew up around pear orchards. They have a contest for best pie using pears and this recipe won. I had to try it!

You can click on the link above for the recipe. Basically you fill an unbaked pie crust with sliced pears. I used our old fashioned pears.

Then you make a sort of custardy egg-sugar mixture and pour it over the pears.

Your house will smell wonderful while it bakes…

And then, if you’re like me, you’ll rationalize eating it for breakfast by pointing out all the fruit and eggs in it!


And check out all the interesting recipes on the Splendid Table archive when you have time to kill. So many great things to try…

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