Pinchings Tea

A new neighbor friend of mine is studying to be an herbalist. She sent me this message a few days ago:

So while I was out picking in the garden, I collected the herbs for the tea. I didn’t have any Tulsi but I do have loads of other basils. I picked mostly Thai basil because it has that sweet, cinnamon-y smell. I thought it would be a nice addition to tea.

I put one herb/layer in my dehydrator and left them to dry. It didn’t take long. In just a few hours most were crumbling and dry. The calendula needed to dry overnight.

I rubbed the leaves and flower petals off into a large Tupperware container and shook to mix it up.

It does smell divine.

I brewed a cup yesterday evening and added a teaspoon of honey. It was calming and flavorful, a tea I could drink pretty often.

Thanks Lisa!

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