Roasted Duck

We gave my friend Kate a few ducks in return for her help with harvesting them. She roasted one and shared the recipe, saying it turned out so “rich and good!”

The recipe she followed is called Duck de Marietta, from the Omnivore’s Cookbook.

It calls for stuffing the duck with oranges and lemons then slow roasting for hours. Hers cooked 7 hours.

Looks delicious!

Kate also said she got 2 cups of rendered duck fat from her roast that she’s going to use to make some homemade French fries. How good does that sound?! Plus she saved the carcass to make broth. So many meals from one bird.

We have ducks for sale, $3/pound if you’d like to try this recipe out! Most are in the 3.5-6 pound range.

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