Lake life

We are blessed to have a family getaway up on Lake Manistee, between Grayling and Traverse City, Michigan. Lake life for us means relaxed days and lots of time spent together outside in the sunshine. Here’s a glimpse into our first few days this trip.

We’ve been doing a lot of swimming off the boat. We ride out and find a spot to throw the anchor. The boys have fun trying out all kinds of flips and jumps. We especially enjoy swimming off the boat in the evenings after dinner.

Aunt Robyn is with us this trip and got a lesson in driving the boat. She looks like a pro now, doesn’t she?!

Little Soju comes out on the boat with us but prefers to stay out of the water. We are surrounded by labs at our house, whom you can’t keep out of the water. Soju likes to keep her eye on all of us from the safety of the boat or beach.

The boys of course enjoy tubing. They’d do that all day if we let them. Mcgregor is even mastering some tricks like wheelies.

Baxter and Ron have been doing some fishing. Baxter was so excited when he caught this fish, he brought it inside to show us.

There is a nice beach in the public park just up the road from us. Several days this week we have parked the boat next to it. While the boys play in the sand, the adults laze about and chat on the boat. Makes for a nice relaxing afternoon!

Most evenings we spend on the boat watching the sun set. Here you can see Robyn’s witness protection look 🙂

Last night we had a campfire and the boys did some sparklers we brought up for the 4th.

S’mores are the ultimate taste of summer and flavor many of my favorite childhood memories. Maybe someday the boys will look back on these days and think the same thing.

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