U-Pick Flowers in Sutton’s Bay

I like to support local farms and northern Michigan is a treasure trove of local food. This morning I called a bunch of farms to see what fruit might be in season to pick. Strawberries are ripe but we’re a couple weeks out on blueberries, currants and raspberries. Then I saw this little gem on my u-pick list: Omena Cut Flowers.

It’s a tiny u-pick flower farm a couple miles north of Sutton’s Bay, near Traverse City. Right on the bay, next to a gorgeous sprawling home, this place is a must visit if you’re nearby.

It’s self serve, open dawn to dusk and on the honor system. You grab a basket, some snippers and a small clipboard to track your cost then set off into the flowers.

There were just enough flowers to be interesting but not overwhelming. They were all in beautiful condition and wonderful smells filled the air.

Here’s my collection which came to just over $10 total – a great price for a super fresh hand selected bouquet!

You even get a water filled milk jug to bring your treasures home in.

So why not go and pick yourself a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers next time you’re in the Traverse Bay area because as my mother in law used to tell me, “you’re worth it!”

Omena Cut Flowers

12401 E. Freeland Rd

Sutton’s Bay, Michigan 49682




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