Dinner from the Garden: Late June Addition

I got bronchitis a few weeks back and just can’t seem to kick it completely. I’m really behind on my farm tasks but I try to find the energy to get out and harvest some of the bounty ripening in the garden every day.

Here’s a dish I made a few nights ago. I picked peas, zucchini, onion and basil. I shelled the peas and cooked them with the onion and some garlic in chicken broth until they softened.

Then I added the zucchini, basil and green onions and cooked a few minutes more.

Finally, I stirred in some big spiral pasta and a chunk of lemon goat cheese. The cheese melted and gave it just the right amount of creamy-citrusy-ness. It was delicious!

Eating from the garden makes me creative. I like to take my basket out, gather up some ingredients and then come inside and try to put something together that tastes good. What are you eating from your garden these days?

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