Beet Crostini

Here’s another lunch idea straight from the garden!

I picked about five small beets with greens.  The greens I cleaned, de-veined and chopped roughly.  I also chopped a bit of onion and a garlic clove.

The beets, I scrubbed and set in boiling water for about ten minutes.  When they came out, I ran them under cool water, peeled and sliced them.

I took three slices of homemade bread and toasted them in a pan with some olive oil.

I topped each slice with a heap of greens and slices of beets.

The final touch was some shredded sharp white cheddar.

A gourmet lunch packed with nutrients and flavor – direct from the garden!  What did you eat fresh from the garden today?

2 thoughts on “Beet Crostini

  1. That looks good. I am still waiting on our beets. I have had collards as I thin them out. I can’t get my carrots to germinate. I have had a late start again this year. One of these years I’ll get my timing right. I am experimenting with growing tomatoes in straw bales and potatoes in garbage cans.

    I threw some raised beds together this year. The soil for row planting wasn’t good. I put aged logs in the beds with my leafy greens. Kind of a hugelkultur garden. This bed is doing great.

    Started my ‘T’ post trellises for the grapes. I have yet to install the wire tensioners and ground anchors. Then I will prune and propagate the plants.

    Started bees this year. The super is heavy although I gave them 3 quarts of sugar water to start the hive with so the first batch of honey might taste funky. I might just make mead from it. Got any recipes for mead?

    Chickens are doing well. We have been getting 5-7 eggs a day. We are going to expand the flock this year. We have been keeping two roosters and will start fertilizing eggs two hens at a time in the hoop coop. We let a rooster in with all 7 hens last year and only had 30% of the eggs fertilized. Apparently roosters have their favorite hens. They will be double-dating for a few weeks to keep their focus.

    Tom Helmers


    • Hi Tom! Sounds like you are busy at your place too. I made a pear mead last year that was pretty good. Looks like we may have lots of pears again this year if you’d like to come collect some. Maybe we could trade pears for a bit of honey and both try a batch 🙂
      It has indeed been our experience that roosters have their favorite ladies. Looks like we have three roosters from our teenage generation of chickens. Not bad I guess 3/100 birds. So far they seem ok together. I hope your double dating venture is productive for you!


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