Lovely Lilacs

There is a beautiful old lilac bush on the edge of our property, along the tree line. A few years ago my husband almost cut it down when trimming brush. I’m so very glad I caught him before he did because this time of year it is covered in gorgeous purple flowers that fill the air with their unique aroma.

I pick some to enjoy inside but mostly I harvest them for jelly making. Did you know lilacs are edible?

I pull all the little flowers off their woody stems and measure out how much I have. Meanwhile the tea kettle begins to sing on the stove. Equal parts hot water and blossoms sit overnight until the color and the aroma have shifted from the flowers to the water. I strain out the petals and save the infusion for jelly making. Infusions can be frozen now, during this busy time, and jellies prepared later, on a rainy day or during a quieter season.

What flowers are blooming now where you live?

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