Fencing Fun

It feels like we have been trying to get this fencing up all winter.  With Josh’s injury, I was working on my own for quite some time but this past week he has finally felt up to getting out and working some with me.  Once we got rolling, it really hasn’t been too bad.

Josh ordered this handy little tool that makes putting the t-post clips on go SO MUCH FASTER!  It is amazing.  It is called a clip bender.  You just hook the one side of the clip on the fence, pull the other part over in place, stick the tool in the nook and wrap the clip over the fence.  Before we were using pliers to bend them and it took forever.  This clip bender tool has been a real break through!

We are ending up putting 6 foot welded wire fencing up.  We had wanted to use this other kind of fencing we found called Deer and Wildlife Fencing, which is tied instead of welded and had a size gradient so the holes were smaller by the ground and larger as it went up.  It was a real fiasco getting it ordered though and we decided we couldn’t wait any longer so we went with the fencing that was already in stock.

We had wanted this tied fencing in case we decide to add goats, but I think we can make the welded wire work if we add a line of electric fence so the goats won’t climb.  We’ll figure that out when we are at that point, though.  I imagine it’ll be a good year before we’d be up for adding some goats.  So much to do with just the birds!


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