Garden 2018 has officially begun

I ate my first asparagus spears, plucked right from the bed and into my mouth last week, and so the garden 2018 officially began.

The peas in my window boxes are looking good and healthy but not bearing anything yet.

I harvested my first handful of tender new kale leaves last week as well.  Check out my post on the delicious recipe I created with it.

Since I am transforming my old garden space into a berry and perennial garden, Josh tilled a new larger spot for me in the front.  This is where I will plant all my annual vegetables.  We mixed in a lot of old bedding from the coop, but the soil is still pretty rich in clay.  It’ll get better year by year as I enrich it with my compost.

I planted all my cold hearty seedlings last week: kale, chard, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery and some herbs.  I also directly seeded carrots, potatoes and beets.

Because our chicken fencing project has been delayed by inventory issues at the store where we ordered it, I had to make little wire hoops to put over my rows to help protect my seedlings from the hens.

Inside, I still have a lot more seedlings growing – lots and lots of tomatoes, a couple varieties of peppers, ground cherries, more herbs, lots of flowers… I’ve been trying to stay on top of repotting them as they grow so they don’t get root-bound.  I spent my Earth Day morning doing all my tomatoes.  I am so looking forward to fresh garden tomatoes.  They have to be my most favorite item to grow and eat.

I’m working on cleaning up flower beds and my herb garden too.  It’s amazing how fast those weeds pop up when the air and soil start to warm, especially after a few days rain!  What projects are you working on in the garden these days?  What’s growing now?

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