Sunday dinner fun

We have been doing Sunday dinners at the farm pretty religiously for the last year. We have a list of about 6 family groups I email each week and ask who’s coming. Not everyone comes every week but it’s nice to see who we can. It’s been a while since the families with little ones have been able to join so it was a special treat last night to have 3 little farmers with us.

My niece Bailey and nephew Landen were joined by our dear friends’ Melinda and Brian’s granddaughter. After dinner we all went out to explore. First step was to put on their mud boots so they could run freely without worrying about keeping shoes clean.

When we went through the gate, Bailey said, “oh no, there’s chicken poop.” She was so anxious about stepping in it but I reassured her she had on her special boots so she could step in anything, no problem. She was still nervous so I said, “watch,” and I stomped through a couple extra big piles of poo. She smiled and said, “ohh, where’s one I can step in?!” Then all was fine. We ran off after little Landen who was already down by the coop picking up sticks.

Melinda and Brian followed with little Nora. Her boots were slightly large and made walking awkward. She was determined to get over to see those birds though. I picked one up for her to touch.

Bailey had her little egg basket but caught sight of the swing across the yard and wanted to do that instead.

We got all three little ones lined up and gave them a gentle push. Think they had fun? Watch my little video of Bailey squealing in delight.

So it was another evening to cherish with family and friends, nurturing in our sweet little ones a love of nature and animals and the beauty of being outside in the fresh air. There is so much to explore and discover and I love seeing the world anew with them.

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.” – Wendell Berry

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