Having Faith in Sweet Pea

Some of you who read my blog regularly will remember the tale of the little chick who hatched from our eggs last year, Sweet Pea.

I took care of that dear little chick when the broody lost interest in it.  I made sure the chick was getting food and water and wasn’t being picked on.  I locked the broody in a cage with Sweet Pea when it got cold at night so the little one wouldn’t freeze.

Anyway, that sweet baby grew and grew and eventually it became clear my little Sweet Pea was a rooster.  I was disheartened at first because our experience has been that roosters don’t get to stay with us long as they often turn aggressive.

I have faith in my Sweet Pea though; he’s going to be a great rooster.

At night when he’s perched with his girls, I like to pick him up and stroke his beautiful feathers.  I tell him in a nice smooth voice: You’re going to be a wonderful rooster.  You’re going to protect your girls and respect your people.  Remember, I took care of you.  Now you take care of them.

So far, so good.

One day recently, a hawk was swooping through the yard repeatedly.  Every time that bird got near, Sweet Pea let out a loud chortle, telling his ladies to take cover and instantly not a bird could be seen in the yard.  They went under the porch, under the lean to, into the coop; they knew exactly what he was telling them.

I often throw food scraps off the porch for the birds. Sweet Pea is always scanning and usually notices when I’ve thrown something out for them.  He has a different call to tell his peeps there’s good treats to be had.  He usually leads the flock over but lets his girls get most of the food, only picking up a piece or two for himself.

Isn’t he beautiful?

So keep your fingers crossed that he stays the course and keeps up this terrific rooster behavior.  He’s going to be the good one.

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