Cherry Brandy made for a special holiday treat

Remember that sour cherry brandy I started way back in the early fall?  It all began with a bag of wild cherries my husband’s friend Doug picked off a tree in his backyard. 

I mixed the cherries with sugar, a bit of water and a dash of yeast then let them ferment.  You can read my earlier post for the full recipe. 

After a month or so, when the bubbling stopped, I added a whole bottle of 151 Vodka. Then I tucked it away in the bottom of the pantry to age in an old vinegar bottle. 

I got it out for a special Christmas treat, and it did not disappoint. 

It was strong but very flavorful. You could feel it warming you all the way down!  

I send Doug, the collector of the cherries, the pictures above and a message that said: cherry brandy is a success!  

Looks like we’ll have something else to be foraging next fall…

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