Is it spring yet?

I really do love that I live in a place that has all four seasons. By the end of each, I’m ready for the next to begin. Late fall begins the time of rest moving into winter dormancy. It’s good for the spirit to have a time to rejuvenate before the cycles of growth begin again.  There’s always work to be done around the farm but with shorter days, there’s more time for quiet projects and evenings snuggled in by the wood stove or the fireplace. 

Now, that being said… this morning I was perusing this plant catalog that arrived in the mail this week and it had me dreaming of spring already or at least scheming up how I could get a greenhouse and where I could put it.

I was so intrigued by all the unique fruits in this Gurney’s catalog: honeyberries, marionberries, aronia, pink blueberries, jostaberries, gooseberries, white blackberries… so many things I’ve never even heard of. I want them all!  

I’m thinking making I could make my fenced garden just perennial fruits and vegetables and do my annual garden somewhere else, maybe next to my new greenhouse 🙂

What unique items do you grow?

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