Chickens love leftovers

Last week at family dinner we ended up with five different kinds of desserts.  Though we all enjoyed trying the variety, we finished the meal with loads of leftovers.  We continued to work on them for a few days ourselves before finally declaring it was time to share with the girls.

When I come outside, they come running.  They know I’m the one who often comes bearing treats, whether it’s leftovers like this or kale and tomatoes from the garden.  Often times I’ll just be walking in the yard and suddenly feel like I’m being followed.  I turn around the see my fan club trailing behind me…

This week’s leftovers included some chili, some roasted vegetables and two kinds of pie.  By far the favorite – and most comedic to watch them eat – was the remains of the key lime pie.  They absolutely LOVE anything creamy, in this case, whipped cream.  They dip their beaks down into it and fling it on each other’s heads.

It didn’t take them more than 5 minutes to finish it all up.

What’s your chickens’ favorite treat?

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