Farm Kids

We enjoyed a visit today from my former coworker Allyn and her children. Little Nina is almost four and enjoyed herself tremendously last time they visited, early in the summer. She sat on the tractor, ate beet greens straight from the garden, collected eggs and even swam in the pool. Allyn said Nina had been asking when they could come back to Mrs. Phillips’ farm and eat some more “lettuce” so I was happy to welcome them again today. 

This time I had a helper from my family to show them around. Oliver was quite the gentleman, taking Nina by the hand and walking her down to see the ducks by the pond. 

On their way back up to the house, he picked her up and sat in the swing with her. So sweet. 

The morning was a full one. 

Nina was sad to hear the beets were all gone but did eat some kale, fresh from the garden, instead. Then she picked some for the chickens too. We collected pears from the tree and each tried one- even little Andrew, almost a year old. He preferred to gnaw on the stem. 

Oliver caught a chicken so Nina could feel its wings. We pulled cattails by the pond and collected some eggs. Brave Nina even got in the 72 degree pool while the rest of us had a picnic snack on the back patio. 

It was a lovely visit and made my heart happy to see another child finding the joy in this place.  

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