Michigan Apple Fun

It was a beautiful morning up here in southeastern Michigan. We came up to see my in-laws for the holiday weekend but needed a little time out of the house so Josh and the boys and I set out to a local apple orchard. 

Diehl’s is not a u-pick but they do have a neat little store where you can get pre-picked apples, cider, apple treats and some of the best freshly made donuts I’ve ever had.  We all decided while we were licking our fingers that we need a donut making machine at home!

They had three varieties of apples available when we were there. The owner told us that these are the early producers and the biggest selection is available at the end of September. 

We got a mix and match bushel to bring home for some applesauce, apple butter and pies. 

While we were in the shop we met the current owner. He said he’s the third generation to run the orchard and his son is looking to take over when he’s ready to retire.  As we chatted a sweet little girl ran up and asked, “grandpa can you get me a donut?”  Looks like the fifth generation is right at home there too!  It was neat to see that it truly was a family operation and made us happy to support their business. 

Outside the shop stood this imposing white barn with names on the side dating back to 1883. Very cool. 

After perusing the shop we set off into the corn maze with Oliver leading the way. Every now and again he would take ahold of his suspenders and contemplate which fork in the road to take – it made for quite the amusing adventure. The corn maze was really challenging. It took us more than a half hour to find our way out!  

We came home with our apples and some cider, warmed by the sunshine and laughing about how long it took us to find our way out of the maze. Overall, another quite enjoyable local food adventure. 

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