Abundant Tomatoes Class

This evening I tried something new and drove down to the Civic Garden Center for a class called Abundant Tomatoes. 

The teacher shared a lot of good info about growing tomatoes liked how they are pollinated, what makes certain varieties heirlooms, why you can’t save seeds from hybrids, what types of nutrients tomatoes need from the soil, how to cage tomatoes  so they won’t fall over, common diseases and pests, what makes some tomatoes taste more or less acidic and more. 

The end of the class was by far the best part though. The instructor grows nearly 80 varieties of tomatoes in his garden and he brought us probably close to 30 to try!  

It’s astounding how different the flavors and textures are amongst varieties. 

Here are some of my favorites that I want to plant next year:

If you live near Cincinnati, I’d highly recommend the classes at the Civic Garden Center.  There’s one coming up on drawing plants in your garden. Anyone want to join me??

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