Tomato Season Begins Again

When the tomatoes begin to ripen it puts me in my happy place. Nothing beats a fresh-from-the-garden tomato.  This year I started my tomatoes from seed in my office. I chose seven varieties for different uses: one for salsa making, one for sauce making, several for slicing, one with little salad tomatoes…

They thrived under my grow lights and I ended up with 50+ tomato plants. I put as many as I could (about 22 plants) in the garden and gave the rest away.  Then my first weekend at the farmers market one of the vendors was giving away free tomato plants – big healthy plants in kinds I didn’t have. I couldn’t not take them!  So I found room for 6 more plants, bringing my total up to nearly 30 plants. Guys, I think I might have a tomato problem. 

Anyway, now the fruits of my labor are beginning to ripen, red and juicy – sometimes purple and juicy. 

These were my first two tomatoes picked this year, some lovely Cherokee Purple specimens. 

This is probably my favorite slicing tomato because it is both beautiful and sweet and juicy.  The texture is just firm enough. It has a nice balance between seeds and flesh. And it’s prolific. One plant will yield pounds and pounds of tomatoes. 

My next tomato to ripen was this monster, which I think is a Gold Medal.  It was enormous and had lovely color too the flavor was a little bland. 

Made this summer classic Caprese salad for dinner the other night. My oldest stepson, who likes almost no vegetables commented, “Wow, that looks good. It’s so pretty!”

Now I’ve told you about my tomato addiction. What’s your garden favorite?  

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