A local wine and food favorite

For those of you who live in Cincinnati and enjoy local food experiences, you have to try Moyer Winery on the river in Manchester. This place is one of our favorites for a nice dinner out just the two of us.  It’s a beautiful drive out there along the river – just take US 52 until you see the grapevines and the big ol’ gray barn on your right.

They grow some grapes there on site and also make wines from grapes and other fruits they acquire. When we were there this evening the vines were heavy with grapes.

I had the raspberry wine, which was sweet but quite nice on a hot summer evening. Behind the restaurant there’s a big porch that overlooks the river and on Saturdays there’s usually live music. Tonight it was an acoustic guitar player and singer – nice ambiance but not obnoxiously loud.

The food is tasty too. I got Pasta Primavera which was very rich but full of fresh vegetables. Josh had a grilled chicken with peach BBQ sauce that he enjoyed as well.

So there you go – it’s a bit of a drive but worth it for a nice view of the river, good food and some locally produced wine. Next time you’re looking for a unique date night, try Moyer.

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