Michigan Farm Fresh

We are visiting our little lakehouse in Northern Michigan for the weekend. Even when we travel we like to eat good local food. I have a small but healthy herb garden behind the house to add flavor to the veggies and other products we get at the farmers markets. Northern Michigan is a ripe with wonderful farm fresh options.

Today we wanted to get out of the house so we went for ice cream at a local favorite, the Shetler Family Dairy.  It’s a small family farm with about 40 pastured cows. They have an adorable farm store attached to the milking barn. You can take tours in the summer of the farm, including the room where they pasteurize the milk and make the ice cream.

I got a vanilla custard ice cream with chocolate chips and Michigan sweet cherries that was pretty amazing. My husband got a raspberry with chocolate chips and Oliver enjoyed a mint chocolate chip with brownie bites in it.

Outside, we took advantage of a break in the rain to look at the displays and to check out some calves in a pen beside the store.

This guy always has to check out the tractors.

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