Queen Anne’s Lace pickin’ time

Most of the flowers I pick to make jelly are spring bloomers. There’s one mid-summer delight though, that comes along mid- to late-July here in southern Ohio: Queen Anne’s Lace.

It is a lovely, delicate flower in the carrot family that pops up on roadsides and open fields everywhere.

The bloom on the left isn’t ready yet but doesn’t it look like a bird nest?


I called my neighbor Rita Heikenfeld last week and asked her to go picking with me. We made an appointment to meet up Tuesday morning. Tuesday came around and the skies were looking fierce. A light drizzle was falling but Rita said, “Let’s pick some before the rain gets harder.” Such dedication! So I walked over and we picked on her hillside until our hair was wet and our clothes damp.

Coming home, I pulled out my recipe card for flower jellies and began my infusion.

This is my master recipe for flower jellies, a gift from my friend Rita Heikenfeld.

The flowers infuse the water with their nutrients and aroma making a sort of tea.

To learn how to make your own Queen Anne’s Lace jelly read my article on Countryside Network.

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